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Experience The Ramsey Trusted Pro Advantage

At Ramsey Trusted Pro Advantage, we redefine tax services through a foundation of trust. Every Ramsey Trusted Pro is meticulously selected through a stringent vetting process, ensuring alignment with Dave’s uncompromising standards for exceptional service. According to feedback from Dave Ramsey enthusiasts, satisfaction levels soar to 2.3 times greater when engaging with a RamseyTrusted professional compared to an ordinary tax pro. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, trust Ramsey Trusted for unparalleled expertise and service. Además, hablamos Español para servirle mejor. Located in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, we’re here to cater to your tax needs with professionalism and precision.

From Dave Ramsey On What He Requires From Us

Trustworthy Advice

Rest assured that our tax advisors employ strategies aligned with Dave’s guidance, ensuring you receive advice that mirrors his wisdom. With our support, you can confidently make informed financial choices.

Proven Competency

We exclusively endorse licensed CPAs and EAs with extensive experience in assisting individuals like yourself in achieving accurate tax filings. Remarkably, seven out of every ten individuals receive refunds when utilizing a RamseyTrusted professional.

Rock-Solid Dependability

Our RamseyTrusted professionals are accessible throughout the year to address your inquiries and consistently prioritize explaining your taxes in clear, understandable terms.

How is a Ramsey Trusted Tax Pro Vetted and What Do They Do?

A RamseyTrusted tax professional undergoes thorough vetting by the Ramsey team. They are equipped to assist you with tax filings and offer a range of tax-related services for individuals, families, and small businesses year-round. To earn the esteemed title of RamseyTrusted, tax pros must hold either a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an Enrolled Agent (EA) designation, coupled with a minimum of two years of full-time experience.

A CPA handles intricate mathematical tasks integral to business operations, including bookkeeping, payroll management, and the preparation of financial documents such as tax returns and profit-and-loss statements. Additionally, they offer financial planning services for individuals, families, and small businesses, holding licensure from their respective states.

On the other hand, EAs specialize in tax matters, catering to individuals, businesses, and private entities. Their expertise spans various tax-related subjects, including income, estate, gift, payroll, and retirement taxes. EAs are federally licensed to practice.

We are an experienced tax filing and preparation company in the USA

Whether you need assistance with tax preparation or resolving a tax issue, we put the best practices into place to achieve your desired results!


What Our Clients Have To Say

We have been providing professional tax filing and preparation services to our clients for a while now. Find out what they have to say about our services.

“The experts at My Trusted Tax Advisor are a delight to work with. Their team is always accommodating and ready to help us on all matters related to tax. They provided us just the right solution to safe a hundred dollars on tax.”

    Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson

    Business Owner

    “Excellent Service and experienced team. I would recommend to using My Trusted Tax Advisor to anyone who needs assistance to do their taxes. Individual or businesses, you will not be disappointed!”

      James Richard
      James Richard

      Company CEO

      “The services offered by My Trusted Tax Advisor has been tremendously valuable to me over the past couple of months. They are efficient, reliable, and personable. Highly recommended!”

        Susan Parker
        Susan Parker


        “Highly competent, kind and individualized service that relieves tax preparation stress. We are so thoroughly thankful to their team to file our tax returns in such a short notice.”

          Kevin White
          Kevin White

          Head of Accounts